Benefits Of Visiting A Showroom Before You Build In Brisbane

So you are considering building a new home ? Congratulations. It’s definitely an exciting time and a journey you may only take once, or twice in your life. When you partner with Dixon Homes, you’ll soon realise that the home building process is far less complicated than you once may have thought and the outcome will be even more impressive.

What better way to find out what a brand new Dixon Homes house feels like than to actually walk through one. The only way to fully appreciate the quality fixtures and fittings, the attention to detail and the floor plans is to visit a showroom. Even if you think you have your design locked in and you have left no stone unturned, before building in Brisbane, this is a definite must-do activity.

Let’s see why.

First hand experience

When you visit a showroom, you get the opportunity to see first hand a range of different designs and colour schemes. You can touch and feel the cabinets, the kitchen benchtops and bathroom taps. And of course if you have any questions there is always someone available to guide you through the options and variations on offer. Whilst walking around you can start to imagine what life will be like in your new home. Get a feel for how rooms are connected and how you may entertain in the outdoor areas.

Standard inclusions and upgrades

Every new home comes with the opportunity to make adjustments; after all building a new home needs to suit your unique tastes and requirements. Showrooms give you the chance to see the standard inclusions that will come with your house, but also some alternative materials, colours or fittings that you may want to consider.

Lots of free information

Be sure to bring a pen and paper when you visit a showroom so you can make notes and record details of the highlights you have seen. You’ll also get the chance to take home a number of brochures on the full range of designs. Make sure you pick up copies of floor plans, too, so that you can get home and look through them at your own pace; scribble all over them, making note of the aspects you love and the areas you are not so keen on.

Open plan layout or traditional floor plan

Each showroom is designed to highlight a range of unique features of the Dixon Homes range, so a trip to a few will give you a broader feel for what’s on offer. One key aspect to look out for is the way in which the floor plan is designed. Some people prefer an open plan layout, with rooms and common areas feeding off a central hall. Others like spaces that are multi-functional, with separate family rooms, dining zones and a lounge.

The ultimate design you opt for is a personal preference but you’ll soon notice the difference in the flow. This will help you make a decision as to what’s going to work best for you and your family.

How many rooms and what space is needed

You’ll also realise that showrooms can incorporate many design features and room ideas that you may not have originally considered. Think about how many rooms you need today and into the future. Think about designing a home with space for kids to play, possibly an extra room for a home office or a family retreat area perfect for hobbies, games and just relaxing.

Incorporating new or existing furnishings

If your budget extends to allowing some new pieces of furniture to be purchased, use your time whilst walking through display homes to get a feel for what you may like to buy and what size things need to be.

It’s also important to consider your existing furniture. Will doorways accommodate your sofa or dining table? How will beds and side tables suit the new layout?

Arming yourself with a tape measure will allow you to take necessary measurements and then be able to get home and decide what will work and what won’t.

Building on your existing block – will the home suit

When you own a block of land in Brisbane and you have chosen a Dixon Homes design to build on it, it’s important to ensure that the design you opt for is in character with the area. Some councils are stricter than others about colour scheme, roof height and landscaping features.

The positioning of your home is also important – what direction will the living zones and bedrooms face? Is there easy access from the front to the rear of the property?

Consider these aspects when browsing the showrooms.

It is always important to remember that a showroom is built to display the best of the best. The top quality variations, the most popular colour schemes, the upgrades and the design touches recommended by professional interior designers. With this in mind, take in the atmosphere, take note of the furnishings and the extra touches added to each room on display but keep in mind your own house design and budget. Keep track of what is a standard floor as opposed to an upgrade; be aware of what add ons are on offer with a basic new home model so you can pick and choose what works for you.

Before building in Brisbane, take the time to walk through a Dixon Homes showroom. Make it a day out with the family, or go alone to give you more time to chat to the design team. With an opportunity to walk through the homes and get a feel first hand for some of the amazing designs on offer, you’ll be able to more confidently make decisions and lock in a floor plan, and design features that you’ll love for your new home.

Soon you’ll be soon moving into your own brand new home and living the life in Brisbane that you have always dreamt of.

Building in Brisbane? Contact Dixon Homes today to make your dream home a reality.