Building on a budget: Essential and not-so-essentials items for new homes

There are a number of different purchasing decisions you’ll need to make when building a new home. If you’re building on a budget deciding what to include, and where you can make savings is an important part of staying on budget. For this reason Dixon Homes offer different package levels for our customers with varying levels of inclusions so you only pay for the inclusions that you need and not want you don’t. When it comes to building there are some costs that should never be cut at the building stage. We explain these in our latest post.

Don’t Skimp on….

Insulation: Insulation, wall and roof sarking and the thermal efficiency of your home should be an absolute priority. It will reduce reliance on artificial heating and cooling and save money on energy bills.

Roofing: Your roof acts as the shield for your home therefore it’s important that the strongest and most reliable materials are used to weather proof your home.

Hot Water System – An efficient hot water system is a new home must have, and with a great range of solar hot water systems included with your Dixon Home, you can be assured of a reliable source of hot water.

Electrical and Plumbing – We make sure that you have the best plumbing and electrical fittings including enough power outlets for convenience and reliable plumbing to keep drainage problems from affecting your property.

Area to save money if needed.


Landscaping – driveways, garden beds, paving and other outdoor designs features can add a bucket to your building costs. Instead of adding these all at the building stage these can be included to your home down the track, making creating a welcoming outdoor environment a very rewarding project.

Facades – Not including a façade will save money however adding these later can be difficult and expensive so if it’s something you want now, it will be cheaper and easier to include it when the home is being built.

Window Furnishings – Blinds, shutters and other window coverings can save money on heating, but simple curtains are the most affordable covering if you are looking to save money.

Flooring – Selecting a budget flooring option like vinyl or an economic carpet can be far cheaper than stone or tiled flooring. More premium options can be included at a later date or when the original flooring reaches the end of its life. 

External Concreting – Large concreted areas might be on your wish list, but if you’re on a budget this will add a significant labour cost to your building project.

Lighting – The more extravagant lighting and the more lights you use in your home the more expensive it will become. You can still have sufficient lighting without installing extra lighting that you don’t need. This can be completed later when more funds become available.

Fencing – Unless you need to keep pets contained, fencing for your new home can be a costly extra. It might be something to consider leaving for now if you are on a budget.

When building your new home with Dixon Homes, we can accommodate additional inclusions and upgrades requests in line with your budget. Speak to our team about ways to keep building costs under control and some areas where you might be able to save money. Our trained consultants have plenty of experience helping first home buyers who are on a tight budget.

When it comes to value, our relationships with suppliers of building materials and access to national buying power means you can rest assured that the features in your new home represent great quality and great value.

For more questions regarding the inclusions in your new home, call Dixon Homes today on 1300 10 10 10