Building Homes For The Future: Choosing The Right Builder

A home is an investment not only financially, but also in your future and the future of your family. A house ought to be built accordingly, in a manner that guarantees you longevity and certainty – often for fifty years or more. Unfortunately, not all builders construct homes with this in mind and as such, choosing the right builder is of the upmost importance. The dynamic nature of the environment and families is such that your needs are likely to change in coming years. A progressive building company will account for this and help you find a home that will be of the same suitability to you in coming decades, as it is when you purchase it.

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Benefits Of Visiting A Showroom Before You Build In Brisbane

So you are considering building a new home ? Congratulations. It’s definitely an exciting time and a journey you may only take once, or twice in your life. When you partner with Dixon Homes, you’ll soon realise that the home building process is far less complicated than you once may have thought and the outcome will be even more impressive.

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The Dixon Difference—What Makes Dixon Homes Stand Out

Dixon Homes was first established in 1959 and for over 50 years has provided Australians with quality, affordable and reliable new homes. Not only is Dixon Homes Australia’s largest building company, but the team is highly regarded in the industry and works together with other leading companies, including those in finance, to help ensure that your goal of home ownership is achievable and realistic.

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Thinking of Building a Duplex?

With it becoming increasingly difficult to purchase a home in Brisbane, locals are turning their attention to building in Brisbane instead, with many considering a brand-new duplex on land they already own. The benefits of building a duplex rather than one single or a double-storey home are numerous and offer many solutions. Dixon Homes offer a range of duplex home designs suitable for all lot shapes and sizes, and most importantly, tailored to suit your individual budget. If you are thinking that building a duplex may be a viable choice, let’s take a look at exactly what a duplex is, what the advantages are and some important aspects to consider.

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Hot Brisbane Suburbs To Suit All New Homes

Brisbane is a large modern city in Queensland and is home to 2 million Australians spread across a large number of suburbs. If you are looking to relocate to the state’s capital or secure your long term presence in the area by building a new home on your own block of land, let’s take a look at the up and coming hot suburbs that will provide you both a fabulous lifestyle and all of the creature comforts you desire.

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New Family Home Prices in Brisbane – Making The Most Of a Big Block

When you are looking to build a new home for your family in Brisbane, and you’ve got the opportunity to take advantage of building on a large block, it’s great to know that Dixon Homes has a range of home designs to suit your family’s needs.

New family home prices are very affordable in Brisbane compared to Sydney or Melbourne and families can still find big block sizes . Let’s take a look at a couple of the most popular designs and their very attractive features.

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Off the Plan Homes in Brisbane – What You Must Know Before You Buy

Questions to ask before signing up to buy off the plan

Brisbane is a burgeoning, sprawling city, so there are plenty of options for house and land packages or simple “off the plan” building.  Choosing the right new homebuilder will make all the difference.  Reputable builders like Dixon Homes ensure 100% compliance with local laws and have an excellent understanding of zoning challenges.  An established, reputable “off the plan” builder will be able to provide you with flexibility, security and all the information you need to plan your new home.

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Things to Know About Building A Duplex in Brisbane


Duplexes are a smart solution for large families with multiple generations or for those who are looking for to a place to live, and also an attractive investment return. Duplexes allow two residences on the same block of land, share a common wall, and are built at the same time. As vacant in Brisbane and other metropolitan areas becomes increasingly scarce, for those looking to build in develop areas, a duplex could be smart investment option well worth considering. There are some important things to consider however, and team at Dixon Homes Brisbane explains these below. Continue reading

Getting Soil Surveys and Geotechnical Reports Before Building

Before building can begin, you need a block of land to build on, and before you commit to a block of land, getting a soil survey is something that our team here at Dixon Homes Brisbane strongly recommend.

The properties of the soil can determine what kind of footings, slabs or stumps are required to build a stable home which can influence the cost of the site work and the build. In many cases, highly reactive soil may mean another site could be preferred to build on Continue reading