Off the Plan Homes in Brisbane – What You Must Know Before You Buy

Questions to ask before signing up to buy off the plan

Brisbane is a burgeoning, sprawling city, so there are plenty of options for house and land packages or simple “off the plan” building.  Choosing the right new homebuilder will make all the difference.  Reputable builders like Dixon Homes ensure 100% compliance with local laws and have an excellent understanding of zoning challenges.  An established, reputable “off the plan” builder will be able to provide you with flexibility, security and all the information you need to plan your new home.

  • Before you sign the contract be sure to ask:
  • How much flexibility do I have when it comes to finishing touches?
  • Can I choose my preferred brand of appliances or am I forced to use a specific brand due to size restrictions?
  • Which extras are included in the cost? Is there anything not included that I should know about?
  • How much access do I have to the site during construction?
  • How long will construction take and how do I manage any issues with finance due to delays or early finish dates?
  • What are my rights if construction does not meet the timeframe or there are conflicts during the construction process?
  • If this project is not completed, will I get my deposit back?

As a reputable builder with a long history in Brisbane, Dixon Homes is passionate about ensuring all Brisbane residents get the best possible results when buying off the plan.   We take pride in being a trusted name in Brisbane.  If you’re concerned that your building company is not up to scratch, we urge you to talk to Fair Trading Queensland.


House and land packages in Brisbane

The biggest benefit of a house and land package is that your home designer can help you choose not only the right design for your family but also the best possible design for the land.  Using a professional and reputable builder will ensure that you get the best aspect, the best views and the best layout for the land (see our current Brisbane house and land packages here). Whether you’re buying off the plan for your block or you’re considering a house and land package, talk to your Dixon Homes consultant before you get your heart set on a design. It could be the most important conversation you have throughout the whole process.


New Homes for First Home Buyers in Brisbane

If you’re a first home buyer in Brisbane, buying a new home is an excellent option not only because of the restrictions to the First Home Buyer’s Grant but also because buying off the plan locks in your price – so you avoid the notorious Brisbane housing market fluctuations.

Brisbane’s rapid urban sprawl means that you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to locations. Most first homebuyers however, are looking at the outer Brisbane suburbs or even new homes in Moreton Shire, Logan Shire or Ipswich Shire.  A new home in North Lakes will be subject to the laws and taxes of the Moreton Shire Council.  It’s vital to use a reputable and knowledgeable builder who can advise you on local laws, zoneing restrictions and council fees.

Not all builders will provide starter packages for first homebuyers.  To ensure you get the best results for your budget, be sure to choose a builder that understand the challenges of the first home buyer and has specialist packages to meet all of your needs (see our plans and pricing here). Before choosing your new homebuilder, consider which inclusions are on your “vital list”, which are on your “wish list” and which you do not wish to pay for.  You can then find the inclusions standard that best suits your budget.

Dixon Homes is the trusted name in house and land packages and off the plan building in Brisbane.  When you build with Dixon Homes you can feel confident that you’re building the home of your dreams.