Things to Know About Building A Duplex in Brisbane


Duplexes are a smart solution for large families with multiple generations or for those who are looking for to a place to live, and also an attractive investment return. Duplexes allow two residences on the same block of land, share a common wall, and are built at the same time. As vacant in Brisbane and other metropolitan areas becomes increasingly scarce, for those looking to build in develop areas, a duplex could be smart investment option well worth considering. There are some important things to consider however, and team at Dixon Homes Brisbane explains these below. Continue reading

4 Affordable Suburbs in Brisbane

Property prices are on the rise in Brisbane, and after slower than expected growth in 2013, buyers are back out in force, with all analysts predicting Brisbane will outperform all other capital cities in the next 24 months. For those looking to enter the property market in Brisbane and who are looking to buy a detached home, even though prices are rising there is still good value to be had when buying or building a new home.

Combine this with the range of benefits for living in Brisbane including entertainment, accessibility to the CBD, employment opportunities and a relaxed lifestyle, for buyers on a budget here are 5 of Brisbane’s best value suburbs. Continue reading

Why Working With a Local Builder…Works

Dixon Homes operate across Australia as one of the nation’s most recognisable builders. Despite our national profile however, each our franchises is locally operated. This provides customers with a team of local builders who have a personal commitment to their community, and who will be around to see the project through to completion.

The way we are structured means we can access national buying power of the large-scale builders, while still offering an individual community service unique to each region that we build in. Continue reading

Aspirational Features available in Your Dixon Home

When you build a new home, it’s the perfect opportunity to choose a home design which exactly represents your personality, your needs, and your lifestyle aspirations. We especially like taking to our customers about the last one – lifestyle aspirations.  If there has ever been a feature that you have aspired to one day have in your home– now is the time to include it, because when a home is built it can be constructed exactly around your lifestyle.  Here are some examples of what’s possible when it comes to the features of your new home Continue reading

Getting Soil Surveys and Geotechnical Reports Before Building

Before building can begin, you need a block of land to build on, and before you commit to a block of land, getting a soil survey is something that our team here at Dixon Homes Brisbane strongly recommend.

The properties of the soil can determine what kind of footings, slabs or stumps are required to build a stable home which can influence the cost of the site work and the build. In many cases, highly reactive soil may mean another site could be preferred to build on Continue reading

The importance of understanding your new home contract

The contract is the crucial document between you and your builder and one that should be understood very carefully. At Dixon Homes we want all our clients in Brisbane and around Australia to ask questions and make sure they agree exactly to the terms.

Before signing the dotted line, contracts can often be amended and an agreement regarding negotiations and counter offers can be made. It’s important to remember that the builder and the client have the same goals when settling on a contract and that is to work together. But to prevent misunderstanding and confusion, everything in the contract should be fully understood. We explain what a contract normally includes and covers and what to take particular note of. Continue reading

5 Questions to ask to decide the best floor plan

The floor plan is something you can’t afford to get wrong. It’s one of the most important (and exciting) choices that you’ll make on your new home journey, and it’s something that can’t be changed later. This means that there are many questions and lifestyle factors that need to be assessed to make sure you not only get the best floor plan for your money, but also a house design that matches your needs. We explain what needs to be considered when making this major decision. Continue reading

Brisbane property market poised for recovery in 2014

People are turning back towards property as a reliable investment, especially as the Brisbane property market is expected to continue its recovery from 2013 which saw values of homes in the Sunshine State capital rise an average 5.1 per cent.

Brisbane has been a little bit slower to gather momentum, but is expected to be the standout capital in 2014, with strong growth predicted of up to 10 per cent according to property commentator Terry Ryder. Continue reading